Conducted demonstration experiments on ISP traffic aggregation and effect measurement aiming at efficient regional distributed network construction

~ Tried Japan's first open caching mechanism and measured effectiveness from the user's perspective ~

Cable TV Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tochigi City, Tochigi Prefecture, Representative Director: Mitsuhiro Takada, hereinafter Cable TV) and J-Stream Inc. (Mothers: 4308 President Toshio Ishimatsu, hereinafter J-Stream) have improved the efficiency of Internet traffic distribution. We are pleased to inform you that we will carry out the first open caching demonstration experiment * 1 in Japan.


Japan's Internet has a structural problem of "concentration of traffic exchange bases in the Tokyo and Osaka areas" due to the historical background in which telecommunications carriers and content companies have developed with geographical consolidation in the capital area. And this problem causes problems such as "communication vulnerability in times of disaster" and "communication quality gap between urban and rural areas". Furthermore, in recent years, Internet traffic in Japan has been increasing at a pace of about 20% annually, and in 2020, due to the increase in home hours to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infections, etc., about 60% compared to the previous year. An increase in degree has been confirmed.

In this demonstration experiment, "By forming a traffic exchange base in the region, collecting the traffic of local ISPs, and inviting content providers there. In order to "improve the efficiency and stability of the Internet in Japanas a whole by shifting to a regionally distributed network structure", it includes "place a shared cache (including HTTPS) in a centralized ISP in the area and measure its effect".

On the other hand, we will introduce and verify a new system called "open caching" * 2 as one of the shared caches to be placed in the centralized ISP. This verification will be the first public demonstration experiment for the system in Japan.

Demonstration experiment outline

1.Implementation location

  • Cable TV Co., Ltd. Tochigi Center (Tochigi City, Tochigi Prefecture), etc.

2.Experiment contents

  • Server installation for open caching
  • Streaming distribution by open caching
  • Effect measurement by streaming QoE

3.Experiment period

  • From November 1st to December 31st, 2021 (planned)

※1 About the demonstration experiment

This demonstration experiment will be conducted by Cable Television Co., Ltd. in the "Contract for research and study on HTTPS communication cache utilization type intensive ISP for improving traffic distribution efficiency" (procurement number: 0049-0099), which was publicly invited by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications in May 2021. Has been selected as a contractor by the Ministry, and will be implemented as part of this contract work. In this demonstration experiment, cable TV / J-Stream will set the system as a CDN operator and measure the effect from the viewpoint of streaming QoE * 3.

※2 Open caching

This is a new type of cooperation model between SP and CDN providers, and is a model that uses the cache server installed by the ISP as a shared cache server for the CDN. The Streaming Video Alliance, an industry group in the United States, is promoting standardization.

※3 Streaming QoE

It is a method to measure the reception status of video streaming from the user's point of view. In the past demonstration experiments, only indicators such as distribution quality were measured, but this time we will also measure the effect from the user's perspective.
J-Stream will continue to actively verify and introduce new technologies with the aim of improving the distribution efficiency of domestic network traffic.

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